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Copper Sinks

Copper Sinks

Some people think uggghh no copper is old fashioned...well no it is actually a new trend now and looks extremely GOOD!!!

The copper sinks available are mostly your prep bowl or Buthler sinks.

It definitely gives a good impression when you enter the kitchen and also can be used as a feature and then with other copper elements in the kitchen to compliment the sink.

Even some copper appliances look beautiful in the kitchen and compliment the copper sink.

There are certain styles and finishes to these sinks – see pictures below.

Zeen Copper Sink 1

Zeen Copper Sink 3

Zeen Copper Sink 4

Zeen Copper Sink 5

Zeen Copper Sink 7





Shaker Door Profile

Shaker Door Profile

The good old Shaker Door Profile!

The most timeless and most popular door profile of all time!

Available in your Solid woods, PVC Wrap Doors and Duco Doors and in every finish it looks stunning.

The Shaker door is a simple but yet stylish door profile that has been around for years and still going strong! It is used mostly in the Country and Classic style of kitchens and bedroom cupboard doors and panels. The colours available are endless in this range and plenty room for play of textures and finishes!

You will NEVER go wrong in choosing the Shaker Door Profile! It will always be around and always give you stylish look where ever you want to use it in your home. It can even be used together with a more modern style square line door and still have an impact of its own. Have a look at the images below!

Zeen Shaker Door 1

Zeen Shaker Door 2

Zeen Shaker Door 3

Zeen Shaker Door 6

Zeen Shaker Door 7

Zeen Shaker Door 5




Home Wine Cellars

Home Wine Cellar

So many home owners have a home wine cellar and we live in a country which is rich and proud of its wine makers and wine farms!!

A big home wine cellar is a lot of home owners pride and joy! And some of these owners have huge bragging rights!! Some of these wine cellars are stunning and the designs are something spectacular!!

Most designs are your solid woods and all natural feels and look to it. The yet others go all modern with glass and steel cables ect. Now if you think of it this you can also design as YOU want it to be!

Yes most of the time it does look like the traditional wine cellar, but it’s your home and your own home wine cellar......so do as you please and make it look STUNNING with your own personal signature in the layout and design!! Most importantly just enjoy it and be proud of what you have!

Zeen Wine Cellar 2

Zeen Wine Cellar 4

Zeen Wine Cellar 5

Zeen Wine Cellar 7





Kitchen Blues

Colours come and go with the season. Is choosing the right colour for your kitchen giving you the kitchen blues? A hot colour for 2019 is in actual fact every shade of blue; from dark to light and everything in between. Blue may not be your typical choice for the kitchen but this colour used correctly can create absolutely stunning kitchens whether it is a modern, contemporary or country style.

Light shades of blue can be combined with darker almost grey blues.

Kitchen Blues Image 1

Lighter blues accented with brass handles or two-tone kitchens with as your primary choice of material wood.

Kitchen Blues Image 2

Marble and copper fittings compliment the bright blue well.

Kitchen Blues Image 3

Bold choices of blue with stark white countertops are contrasted perfectly.

Kitchen Blues Image 4

A subtle hint of blue in a unique fish tank island application.

Kitchen Blues Image 5

Dark almost black shades of blue; complimented with light pale blue and gold accents.

Kitchen Blues Image 6


Sleek and modern kitchen design

Luxury Penthouse 1

Click here to view the 3D panorama in FULL SCREEN

A conceptual design of a modern kitchen for a proposed luxury penthouse; this sleek design is brought to life through one of the very best design software on the market. This enables us at Weizter to create near photorealistic renders and panoramic views for every client to visualize the end result of their kitchen. 
Interior design is making the best possible use of the available space. And successful design creates liveable spaces which are focused around the client’s needs and wants. The look and feel as well as its functionality is balanced equally in order to create a harmonious design.
Luxury Penthouse 2
Luxury Penthouse 3
This design was created with that in mind; derived from a client’s needs list for a modern yet functional kitchen. Specific attention is placed on the work flow of the space, whilst still creating a sleek modern design. Two floor-to-ceiling glass windows which frame the kitchen beautifully determined its shape and position. The large island; where preparation and cooking can take place define the space with a coffee station and additional working area behind. Appliances which appear to be floating are zoned adjacent to the integrated fridge and pantry unit. A unique display area sits next to this and the island shape allows for ample seating space. The colour scheme of earthy tones and variations of grey was selected to have a subtle masculine appeal; matt finishes with stone tops.
Minimalist cabinetry, a neutral colour palette and metal accents created a sophisticated design where the beauty lies in its unique simplicity.
 Luxury Penthouse 4

Ultra modern kitchen perfection

Ultra modern kitchen 1

Vision by definition is the ability to think about or plan the future with our imagination. Acknowledging fellow designers and their designs give us the opportunity to learn, grow and gain inspiration to be implemented in designs for our clients. Vision designed to be showcased at Eurocucina 2018. A simple gesture creates a beautiful feeling. The fluid lines evoke user centred ergonomics and pure motion which lends itself to the movements of the user within the kitchen. The soft-lines contrasted with the vertical and horizontal lines appeals to eye, catching it at first glance. The concept encapsulates the necessity for a fluid dynamic space. Surfaces flow into each other and materials are kept simple and sleek. This immediately expresses a sense of clarity and sensuousness. Vision is simply a stunning kitchen masterpiece.
Ultra modern kitchen 2
Ultra modern kitchen 3
Ultra modern kitchen 4
Ultra modern kitchen 5

Kitchen Coffee Stations

In some or most kitchens there is this SPECIAL place to make your coffee or tea.......yes the COFFEE STATION!!!

For lot of people this is the focal point in the kitchen where either this section stands out OR it may be a complete free standing unit on its own which is BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!!

You don’t have to do this only in the kitchen, no... you can have this coffee station basically anywhere in your home. In the main bedroom or in a central spot in the house somewhere or in a pyjama lounge??

The style and colour is completely up to you how this coffee station should look like. It can suite the kitchen or the rest of the house style OR this can be a feature that is completely something different in colour and style! It can be a piece of ART and attraction........and automatically the experience for anyone when they make their coffee or tea is pleasant.

The size of this coffee station does not have to be a massive object it obviously needs to fit the area and space in every sense in proportion. And who said you only can have one in your home? So tackle it and add that coffee station to your home and existing kitchen and make a small but yet big change in your environment. Enjoy!!

Weizter Coffee Station 6

Weizter Coffee Station 3

Weizter Coffee Station 4

Weizter Coffee Station 7

Weizter Coffee Station 5





Modern country style kitchens

Country Style Kitchens some love them and some don’t, it’s all a matter of preference. Even though it’s an old style of design it is still very popular; bringing with its sense of warmth and a timeless appeal. A country style kitchen can be modern and subtle or very rustic and ornate. Implementing a more modern country style kitchen can be done through small elements in design making it your own space.
Country Style Kitchen 1
Profile doors and exquisite handles
A very popular profile that will create an immediate sense of a country style is a shaker door and its beauty lays in its simplicity but there are many other options available. Your choice of handles goes hand in hand with the door profile. A simple bar handle, an intricate handle, a square, oval or round knob or a buttercup handle. The finish of the handles can vary between chrome, brushed nickel, copper, etc.
Open shelving & Framed glass doors
Open shelves in a country kitchen has always been prominent and a perfect way of displaying crockery and unique items in the kitchen; adding interest and warmth. An alternate to open shelves can be behind glass framed doors, this still allows for display but a bit more organised and slightly hidden.
Neutral Colour Palette
A neutral palette is a common approach to colour choice as it relates itself well to the softness of a country kitchen. Designers usually stick with creams, whites or light colours. However, we now tend to see a more greys and blues in a monochromatic manner to bring a different look to the country style. 
Country Style Kitchen 2
Timber accents
The use of timber adds an incredibly beautiful textural difference within the space. Timber can be brought in through the actual cupboards itself, breakfast nook or worktop surface, shelving, flooring, wall finishes or even ornaments on display. Timber has softness by nature and adds a lovely rustic feel in the space.
Freestanding ovens
The country style can even be implemented in your choice of appliance. A freestanding oven is ideal; it relates to the country look and functions well. For large catering and entertaining it is perfect. There are many new freestanding appliances on the market which give the aesthetic charm of a country style yet ensure modern functionality. 
Large Island
A large island is very common in the country style kitchen; this generally takes the form of combining a prep area as well as a seating area. With the kitchen being the heart of the home and gathering point for the family users this is perfect.
Country style is not as out-dated as one may think. It can be subtle yet still modern, creating a wonderfully styled kitchen for your home.
Country Style Kitchen 3 

Funky Kitchen Colours

Funky Kitchens

Some people are so afraid to explore with colour in their kitchen......what would it look like and what would other people say?? Well it is your kitchen at the end of the day and you must be happy and enjoy the kitchen where you spend a lot of time in!

The Funky element can be brought in different ways......

By painting the walls a funky colour ...

Make the splash backs in a bright colour......

The stove cladding can be of a different colour...

Your counter tops OR island counter top in a bright and bold colour...

Handles and kick plates being bold or just use your accessories to do the talking of funkiness!

Just make sure the kitchen as a whole complement each element and that it does work well together otherwise you might sit with a very kindergarten looking place......smile

Most important is to enjoy your kitchen environment!

Weizter Funky Kitchens 5

Weizter Funky Kitchens 4

Weizter Funky Kitchens 2

Weizter Funky Kitchens 1





Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathroom Mirror Ideas1

Bathrooms have become a very stylish aspect of our homes. They are a feature that can depict any style, era and taste depending on the owners. A lot of thought now goes into the function, look and feel of the bathroom space. One minor aspect that plays a huge role is that of the choice mirrors used in the space and the choices are endless.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas2

A mirror which doubles up as a storage space, this can be very useful in small bathrooms. The mirror can also reflect your unique style; think outside the box with different shapes beyond the square, oval or round shapes. You can also mix and match different shapes to make for an interesting view. Or choose a mirror which matches the decor in your bathroom, eg tiling. Also think of the way we hang the mirrors this is typically wall hung but a different approach could be suspended from the ceiling or resting on the floor; this adds interest and makes a style statement. The size of the mirror can also make a powerful impact in the space. A full wall mirror if the space allows can make the bathroom appear larger or even grander. Simple back lighting behind the mirror illuminates the entire room and creates a sense of sophistication. Multiple mirrors of different sizes bring a playfulness that can be used for kiddie’s bathrooms. The vintage look is also quite popular and has a royal aura about it; if your style permits go for it. The double effect is quite stunning for his and her bathroom; bringing in a separation but linking through the same style mirror.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas3

Ultimately the design decisions are left to you; and the choice of mirror can either compliment or spoil the look of your bathrooms. Be aware and careful of the style your bathroom is designed around. The mirror can be a simple aspect which creates a stunning feature within your bathroom whilst reflecting the beauty within it.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas4a


Tips for your home study

Home Study 1
A study room in the home reflects the personalities of the family members who use the space. It depicts intellect and should be designed accordingly. This space requires a quiet noise free zone to be created. The space should give a sense of calm and balance to its user in order to work effectively.
A table and chair is a necessity in the space however; your table and chair should be customized according to your requirements. The correct height and size to suit; and a comfortable chair to improve concentration and increase work rates. These small elements are a vital part of the space.
Depending on how this space will function, many users require an endless amount of storage space. Storage can be both visible and hidden depending on your style preferences. Visible items would typically be stored on shelves whilst items your rather keep hidden or private may be stored inside cupboard units. A balance should be created by having a combination of both. Think of items that will be used most and have fun whilst organising your space.
Lighting in any space is an important factor and the same would be in a study area. Dull lighting will be bad for your eyes and concentration, so make sure the room is well light and airy. Too dim or bright lights can create barriers or glare within the space. Find a balance that suits your vision perfectly. A table light is also a nice feature that functions well.
Home Study 2
If your space allows create an alternate seating area, this becomes a nice feature in the room and a secondary space for seating. A reading bench by a window is a perfect example; it is quite popular and can be very calming.
Wall finishes are also important. Generally a rule of thumb would be to go lighter on your walls and this creates openness to your space. A darker room tends to become intimidating and creates a resistance towards using that particular space. Don’t be afraid to bring in a feature wall but bear in mind the balance you are trying to create.
Another pleasant feature is inspirational quotes or artwork and it can be used to motivate the end user. It brings in a feature element that adds life to the space and something nice to look at on those days you need inspiration or become a bit bored.
A home study space is not merely about studying or work. It can be a playful space allowing you to relax as well. All the human sensory elements can be engaged to make this space comfortable and relaxing, from touch and texture; to sound and music; or smell and a fragrance. This allows you to take breaks between working hours. Designing your ideal home study can be super fun and a unique experience.  
 Home Study 3

How to choose the right kitchen colour scheme

Colour whether it be monochromatic, dark, light, two-tone, the choices can be endless. When designing a new kitchen colour choice is everything as it sets the mood for your entire kitchen. It is one of the key designing principles used during the design process. Colour evokes an emotion within every human being; it has a psychological effect on us and changes our moods easily; from feeling comfort and warmth to hostility and coldness.
So think carefully of the mood you would like to create in your kitchen and follow these useful tips.
Kitchen colour scheme 1
Identify the colours you love
This may seems rather obvious but it is a starting point, as these are the colour you find most attractive or give you a positive reaction. It is very easy to follow colour /design trends but always bear in mind these are guidelines and are constantly changing; rather think of this as a living space that reflect your style and is almost permanent for +/- 10 years.
Understand complimentary colours
You don’t always have to stick to one colour; sometimes one may use multiple colours, creating a two-tone kitchen. Have a look at the colour wheel as a useful tool. You can use opposite colours to contrast each other or similar colours; both in actual fact complement each other. One can even go as far as using neutral colours with bold accents to create a stunning impact.
Kitchen colour scheme 2
Remember the size of your kitchen
Colour can make any space appear smaller or larger than it really is, so make use of it wisely making it your advantage. It is an aesthetic choice but should also be functional. Darker colours make a small room look even smaller whereas light colours make it appear larger. Adjust your colour scheme to suit your space appropriately.
Think about your house
Think about how your kitchen fits into the rest of the house. The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your home and its colour scheme should relate or lead the style for the rest of the house. This does not limit you in terms of a wow factor although a common thread throughout the house is always pleasant.
Kitchen colour scheme 3
Colours can also bring in different textures
Different textures have their own intrinsic colours which can be added to your colour scheme in your kitchen. Timber can bring in natural earthy colours and add a sense of warmth, whilst stainless steel and other metals refer to industrial type kitchens through its shades of grey. Your worktops in granite, marble or engineered stone have their own unique colour within its texture.
Every kitchen is unique to its users and generally reflects their preferences in terms of function, style and look.
 Kitchen colour scheme 4

Pet Friendly Kitchens

Pet Friendly Kitchens.

A lot of people do not like animals in the kitchen whilst busy cooking, but then there are those of us who LOVE and ADORE our four legged friends around us for company.......they are part of the family though!

There is a few clever ideas you can incorporate in a kitchen for your best friend! And this can be done in any style of kitchen.

You can have the food and water bowls hidden away in a drawer form so the food is not standing all over the floor space and being pushed around while your pet is enjoying a meal. So in this drawer the bowl stay in one position. No one wants to eat while your bowl / plate is moving around as you eat! Smile.

You can even make like a built-in kennel that forms part of a cupboard so you’re pet can lie in and relax while you are cooking up that wonderful meal. Awesome to have them around you! Just remember let us just keep those pet areas clean in our kitchen at all times!

Weizter Pet Friendly 7

Weizter Pet Friendly 1

Weizter Pet Friendly 2

Weizter Pet Friendly 3

Weizter Pet Friendly 4

Weizter Pet Friendly 5




Kitchen Storage Containers

Kitchen Storage Containers

There is nothing so frustrating when a kitchen is unorganised and untidy! Well with a few storage containers in different sizes your kitchen should be organised and tidy in two tics.

Storage containers can be purchased basically in any store and also available in different colours and finishes of your preference. Containers come in glass, tin and plastic forms with lids to seal the goods.

In some cases people would mark their containers so they know what is inside if the container is not transparent so it’s easy and quick to see when opening your grocery cupboard where is what.

You also get storage containers for serials where you put your bowl under the container and literally open the bottom of the container like a tap so the serial falls into the bowl. See picture below.

It is so convenient to have a kitchen with proper storage containers so everything is neatly packed away and easy accessible and everybody knows where is what so therefore the kitchen stays neat and organised and everyone is happy!

Some storage containers are modern and striking in colour to match the rest of the kitchens style so they can be displayed on the counter tops of the kitchen, but be careful not to clutter the counters.

In some cases creative people custom make their containers to suite their preferred style in the kitchen.

Storage containers is a MUST have in every kitchen and you can never have too many!


Weizter Kitchen Containers 4

Weizter Kitchen Containers 8

Weizter Kitchen Containers 5

Weizter Kitchen Containers 3

Weizter Kitchen Containers 1



The Kitchen Butchers Block


The kitchen butchers block is such a nifty item to have in the everyday kitchen. And most of the time it’s on caster wheels so you are able to move it around as you please. The Butchers block is mostly use for preparation of food, but also can be used to store certain items in your kitchen as you can see on the pictures below. You can also take your kitchen butchers block outside to the braai area to use for meat preparation etc.

In some cases this butcher’s block can be as focal feature in the kitchen if painted in a bright colour perhaps or it’s made in a stainless steel frame with wooden top. In some kitchens the island of the kitchen becomes the Butchers Block, but then the size is so much bigger and certainly not mobile!

A Kitchen Butchers Block some people may feel is more of a country or rustic style item for the kitchen, but hay now a days like mentioned above it can be made in a stainless steel frame which suites in perfectly with the more modern or contemporary kitchen of today.

Yes you may feel it’s in the way...... where would this butcher’s block stand in my kitchen?

Well if the space allow for the butchers block it can stand in the middle of the kitchen and serve as an island on caster wheels which is available with brakes so it will not move. Or it can be designed to just fit underneath your counter top. A space is provided so you can pull out the butchers block when in use and push back into this void space when done so it’s out of our way.

So never think “ahhh no I do not like or want a butchers block in my kitchen “ ... hey, it can make life just so much more fun in the kitchen ... you can move it to wherever you want to prep your food ... think about that!

Zeen Butchers Block Kitchen 5

Zeen Butchers Block Kitchen 1

Zeen Butchers Block Kitchen 4

Zeen Butchers Block Kitchen 2

Zeen Butchers Block Kitchen 6


Choosing the right countertop for your kitchen

When designers set out to design the perfect kitchen for their clients, choosing the right countertop is vital. It is a very important decision during the planning stages of design. The countertop is ultimately needs to suit the needs of the client, as the work surface will depend on the type of user.

We need to identify key factors which affect our decisions when providing the solutions for our clients. Would your client require an easy to maintain work surface? Or is a stain resistant work surface a worry? Or is the style of kitchen design a determining factor?

The two factors most likely to influence your choice are that of durability and appearance. As the worktops is of frequent use and needs to look great as well. There is an immense variety of materials to choose from. Certain materials call for extra care, a few are almost maintenance-free, and others develop a patina effect which makes the work surface even more stunning as it ages.

So what are the options available?

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops create an elegant and sophisticated look, whether it has a polished or honed finish. The stone is resistant to heat, cracks, and breakage. But it is porous and requires a lot of care in use. This is not ideal or an advisable option.

1 Marble Countertops

Wooden countertops

Wooden countertops can be fairly economical and it adds a sense of warmth to your kitchen. It is multipurpose surface and works perfectly in a contemporary or rustic kitchen. Scratches will occur but those can be sanded away. A wood surface will need regular oiling and it is not heat resistant so one should be wary of protecting it from extra-hot cookware.

2 Wooden Countertops

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops offer flexibility and sturdiness. It highlights the beauty of natural stone as each slab varies in appearance; it is also stain-resistant and requires minimal maintenance but can be porous.

3 Granite Countertops

Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel countertops is basically impervious to heat and bacteria, making it the go to choice in professional kitchens. Besides cleaning up fingerprints regularly, it is a smart choice for a kitchen fitted with commercial-style appliances and is an ideal choice for those who are germ conscious.

4 Stainless Steel Countertops

Solid Surfacing Countertops

Solid surfacing countertops like Corian offer great solutions for colour choice, build ups and a modern aesthetics. Innovative designs can be created using this product. It can be pricey but require minimal maintenance. Or an alternate solid surface would be Formica which comes in a wide selection of colours, is fairly cost effective but comes in a standard thickness.

5 Solid Surfacing Countertops

Engineered Stone Countertops

Engineered stone is currently one of the most popular solutions. It is composed of natural quartz mixed with resin. It is very durable, nonporous, and heat-scratch-resistant and maintenance free. Aesthetically there are always new colours coming on the market for every desired look from a marble effect to a concrete look. It is a bit most costly but well worth it.

6 Engineered Stone Countertops

Ultimately the choice lies with the client’s needs and we can also mix and match different materials to suit the style requirements and add a feature to the space.


Beach Style Kitchens

Let’s get “ BEACHY “ !!

Beach Style Kitchens got their fair share of colour and vibrant pizzazz in the market. If you like the relaxed feeling of a Beach Style Kitchen and all the natural elements to incorporate in this style then it is for you! Mostly the main colour used in this style of kitchens is white and then you add the rest of the bold elements and colours in accessories, counter tops, flooring and wall tiles.

Now by just adding the colour blue does not mean it’s a Beach Style Kitchen, you can use quit a few elements and colours to make the kitchen into this Beach Kitchen of yours. Think of it.....how many colours and items can you find on a beach?? LOTS!! Now to carefully plan and incorporate those colours and items into your kitchen is not so difficult to accomplish. It’s fun!

You can bring in the natural wood element as a counter top on either your kitchen island or as chopping blocks and even as floating shelves. Also bringing in decor items like a vase with natural sea shells in, and some small drift wood pieces or maybe a big fruit bowl in a shape of a big sea shell on the counter.

Other options like bringing in straw carpets or blinds, wicker baskets that is white washed and small pot palm trees ect. Adds to the whole theme. Maybe your are so lucky as to live right on the beach front so you can have big windows or sliding doors with this stunning view of the beach and ocean which you can open and just bring the outside right into your home. Stunning!!

You can use tiles in different shades of blue as splash backs on your wall to bring in the cool water element or perhaps you feel like having the kitchen island in a blue colour? The options are endless.... Getting all these elements of Beach Style together in your kitchen will be joyful and fresh and surely bring a smile of happiness and peacefulness when entering your kitchen every morning or after a long day at work!

So kick out your shoes and relax while you are having a blast in your new Beach Style Kitchen!!


Zeen Beach Style Kitchens 5

Zeen Beach Style Kitchens 4

Zeen Beach Style Kitchens 8

Zeen Beach Style Kitchens 6

Zeen Beach Style Kitchens 7

Zeen Beach Style Kitchens 2


Herringbone pattern as an interior finish

One of the most important design decisions when it comes to interior design in the home lies in the selection of your finishes. Every room typically needs the perfect floor or wall finish which becomes a feature or compliments the rest of the elements in your home.

Herringbone living

Whether you have a blank space, stuck in an aesthetic rut, want a subtle hint of texture or would like to add an exquisite feature.  A simple go to that does not require much thought would be the herringbone pattern.

Herringbone bathroom

It is a simple arrangement of rectangles creating a v-shape similar to a weaving technique. It originates from the Roman Empire where they were used in building the roads and some even date it back to the Egyptian jewellery designs. You would think this “ancient” pattern has become a thing of the past but its beauty still intrigues the eye and creates a sense or texture and movement.

Herringbone bedroom

This old school design element can be used in a unique modern manner in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms or even bathrooms. As a wall finish, floor finish, kitchen or bathroom splash back, furniture design or even on doors. Its effect can be manipulated depending on your style through your colour and texture selection of material. Solid, dark, wood grain or light airy. It can also be combined with other patterns or solid colours depending on your preferences. It is a great tool to add a feature in any room.

- “Art is pattern improved by sensibility”

Herringbone Kitchen


Black Kitchens

You can either have a matt black finish (a satin feel) or the gloss finish. The matt black would be the preferred coloured to work with it has a softer look and feel to it and the entire look of the kitchen would have a more stylish appearance, softer on the eye so to say.

Where the gloss black can have a cheaper look to it if it is done in a Duco ( painted ) finish and the spray work was not done to an A-grade standard. Then rather consider the Acrylux High Gloss finishes that at least have a more delegate and quality look to it. One of them is the Metallic Black Acrylux. Just bear in mind that with gloss black you will always see finger marks!

With black you can add almost any colour of counter tops – White, Cream, Brown ( Wood finishes ) red and the list goes on. The same with trimmings like handles and kick plates to appliance colours which can have brushed finishes in Copper, Bronze, Nickel, Silver and Gold which ALL looks stunning with black!

If you play around you will be amazed at what you can put together and have a beautiful colour scheme.
So be BOLD and BRAVE and go DARK .... Go Black!

Zeen Black Kitchen 1

Zeen Black Kitchen 4

Zeen Black Kitchen 5

Zeen Black Kitchen 3


Innovative glass box kitchen design

Innovative design does not only refer to technological advancement, a new product or new aesthetic applications. It also refers to a new way of thinking or approach to specific design restrictions and your response to it. These restrictions may be from your client or the space itself making you think outside the box.


Innovative design and ideas can be inspired by looking at existing design solutions. I have been inspired by this stunning kitchen which encompasses the notion of thinking outside the box within a box.

Glass box kitchen


Located in England the home owners required a renovation of an existing cottage whilst still maintaining the integrity of the structure. Hence with the commissioned designer they opted to literally add a new kitchen within a glass box which is an extension to the cottage.


The contrast of the glass box against the traditional cottage is unique and the kitchen design itself compliments the architecture created.


The red brick thatched roof is contrasted by the steelwork and glass of the box but the floor finish is the same, a continuation from the inside to the outside. This is a very subtle but effective link between both spaces. 


The kitchen design takes on a modern style whilst having a very homely feel. Keeping the kitchen design simple, sleek and functional the views are framed in every direction. White kitchen cabinetry is accented with a warm wooden top and this creates a relation to the beautiful garden surrounding it.

Modern design can keep its integrity and compliment traditionalism. Innovation and thinking outside the box can be a simple response or approach and is more obvious than one may think. In this case beauty lies in simplicity.

Glass box kitchen designs

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