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Shaker Door Profile

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Shaker Door Profile

The good old Shaker Door Profile!

The most timeless and most popular door profile of all time!

Available in your Solid woods, PVC Wrap Doors and Duco Doors and in every finish it looks stunning.

The Shaker door is a simple but yet stylish door profile that has been around for years and still going strong! It is used mostly in the Country and Classic style of kitchens and bedroom cupboard doors and panels. The colours available are endless in this range and plenty room for play of textures and finishes!

You will NEVER go wrong in choosing the Shaker Door Profile! It will always be around and always give you stylish look where ever you want to use it in your home. It can even be used together with a more modern style square line door and still have an impact of its own. Have a look at the images below!

Zeen Shaker Door 1

Zeen Shaker Door 2

Zeen Shaker Door 3

Zeen Shaker Door 6

Zeen Shaker Door 7

Zeen Shaker Door 5



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Saturday, 27 February 2021

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